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Our methodologies are the result of a long scientific and strategic process with the ongoing goal to match with the needs of our customers


The company was created in July 2004 in order to develop, under INRA-Transfert license, the innovations of the Immunochemistry laboratory of the Clermont-Ferrand INRA center. The activity began with the manufacture and marketing of SRID tests (now the IDRing® Technology) used for the control of the animal origin of the intestinal mucosa used by pharmaceutical industries for the purification of heparin, an anticoagulant drug used in human therapy.

Many new commercial kits have been developed. They are manufactured in a certified quality environment to ISO 9001 v 2008.

A very competent team and an optimized organization have also been implemented in order to offer high quality products and services to our customers from the pharmaceutical, biotech, agro-food and veterinary fields.

IDBiotech has gained the trust of over 150 international customers for custom immunoassays developement and for the implementation of analytical services.


IDBiotech is a highly specialized laboratory with human size where employees are passionate about their job.

The company’s leadership is based on key concepts: Customer focus Partnership Commitments Flexibility Rigor Confidentiality


The project manager in charge of your file will be in contact with you throughout the development of the service. He will manage the various stages of the project: initial discussions, preparation of the proposal, implementation and monitoring of the project.

According to the proximity and the energy we give in the management of the projects, the majority of our customers consider IDBiotech as an extension of their team!


Our business approach is to offer a detailled price quotation for the entire development program, but divided into several GO / NO GO decision points.

Each phase is considered independently on a financial point of view. You’ll have a global vision of the overall financial development, but you will engage your budget step by step throughout the project’s progress.

If you wish, we are also open for the implementation of Master Service Agreement.


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IDBiotech, 18 August 2015

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