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ELISA Bovine Lactoferrin

by IDBiotech, 17 August 2015

Sandwich ELISA kit for the quantification of bovine Lactoferrin

Bovine lactoferrin (bLF) is a 80 kDa glycoprotein able to bind iron (Fe3+). It is found in most of the biological fluids, mainly in milk, and plays key roles in the defense mechanism of the organism. A lot of biological activities have been reported for bLF: antimicrobial, immuno-modulator, anti-tumoral, absorption of iron or bone growth. Anti-oxydant, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory activities have also been reported for bLF.
In November 2012, bLF purified from milk and whey was approved as a « Novel Food Ingredient » by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Accordingly bLF can now be used as an additive in many food products such as infant formula and dairy products.

The use of the kit can be automated (ELISA format) and allows the simultaneous determination of 42 samples in duplicate.The Bovine Lactoferrin ELISA kit is intended for:

– Raw and frozen milk from cow
– Raw and frozen colostrum from cow
– Bovine milk and bovine colostrum powders
– Bovine Serum

  • Scope: milk and colostrum powder – milk – serum
  • Kit ready to use – 96 wells ELISA plate (6 strips of 16 wells)
  • Analyse of 42 samples in duplicate
  • Product ref: E_bLF_01
  • Shelflife: 12 months from date of manufacture
  • Storage temperature: + 2° C to + 8° C – Do not freeze
  • Instruction for use ELISA bovine lactoferrin

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