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Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity from milk

Determination of the activity of Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) in milk and milk products from bovine source

Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme naturally present in milk. It is used as a marker to verify the pasteurization of milk.

This service uses our PALTEST ELISA kit and is for the determination of the ALP activity in your cow milk samples or in your cheeses made with cow’s milk.

This test uses a monoclonal antibody specific for the cow’s milk ALP. It do not cross react with exogenous alcaline phosphatases that could be present in your sample (microbial or fungal alcaline phosphatases) and interfer with the result. This test does not give false positive result as it is often the case with the fluorimetric method.

The PALTest is therefore the test of choice to check the pasteurization of specific samples like Colostrum and Cheeses, including blue veined cheeses.

The PALTEST can be used on whole and semi-skimmed cow’s milk and with the following cheeses made with cow’s milk:

– Blue-veined cheese
– Uncooked pressed cheeses
– Hard cheeses
– Soft cheeses
– Lactic cheeses

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IDBiotech, 18 August 2015

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