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Authentication of heparin by ELISA

Authentication of heparin by ELISA

Authentication of crude heparin by ELISA.

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Authentication of crude heparin by ELISA



This service consist in the analysis of crude heparin in 3 diffenrent ELISAs :

 - Bovine crude heparin ELISA : this test is for the detection of bovine crude heparin in porcine heparin

- Ovine/caprine crude heparin ELISA : this test is for the detection of ovine and caprine crude heparin in porcine heparin

- Porcine crude heprin ELISA : this test allows to certify the porcine origin of the crude heparin and to validate the sample



Prices for this service are the following:


- starting package for the analysis of 1 to 5 samples : 1122,00 euros HT

- extra sample to the starting package : 264,00 euros HT per additional sample


Please, contact us to obtain a price quotation.

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